WEBWISE is an internationally recognized professional web design and web development training center based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Certified to teach small businesses, professionals and new start-up entrepreneurs how to create powerful and profitable business websites. 


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A success driven short website course from Webwise Training Center will help you find a niche that will increase business profit margins, teach you how to target customers for this niche and guide you in providing positive user experiences on your website for visitors, this will excel your success online.

Build a website that provides good quality information for website visitors. Learn how to do the research, how to attract targeted visitors, and how to design a search engine and visitor friendly website. A well-structured website serves as an information desk, marketing team, shop front and PRO that operates 24/7 all year round in a rapidly evolving online world.  

Our web design courses are short, hands-on practical and include all programs and web tools needed to succeed.  We offer an online web training option for e-learners and distance learners and an in-class option for those who feel more comfortable being physically guided through the paces. We make it easy to create successful websites. No need to learn tedious coding languages. No hidden costs or any other software, plug-ins, experience and other fancies are needed when you enroll for a course. You just follow our simple, proven process.

In recent years, millions of websites filled with worthless content and an ignorance to user experience appeared on the World Wide Web. Many designers create a customer mentality that a website is brochure space made functional by design and development to the likes of what their clients want to show. The bad news is, this is costly, and there is hardly any good news. Without proper learning, skills and knowledge to grow a business online, you will own redundant design space, not online success. Search engines disregard websites with complicated designs in many ways, the pride of designers and the downfall of many poorly ranked and executed business websites.


When you control your website, you control the visitors and income possibilities, not the expense account for it.

Let us help you to take control of your website and online marketing efforts, with confidence.

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website course info session

Would you outsource the management of your best business staff? Then why outsource the management of your greatest marketer... your website. 

  • Each targeted visitor is a potential client.
  • If those visitors fulfill one goal on your website, business growth is inevitable. 
  • That is logical, we teach you how.

Learn How To Create A Website! Important Q & A's:

How difficult is it to build a website? Can you write reasonable memo style text to convey a message clearly and send an email with an attachment? The skills level required to use the very best online website builder or content management system is very similar. You CAN create and manage a website if you can do these simple tasks, enjoy sharing knowledge and information and have basic internet and word processing skills.

How much time will it take? 8 to 10 hours per week to learn and create your first website over a period of 10 weeks, maximum 3 hours per week spent in training. Thereafter, time spent will be to grow your online business website at your pace. 

What do I need to start? A laptop computer, internet connection, reasonable writing skills and the willpower to succeed.

Where do I start? Here at Webwise Training Center, choose a course and register.  You start with the most technological advanced website builder and international online business training. Our training integrates both, one step at a time; the one is worthless without the other.

Who can do this?  14-67 year old learners are creating successful online businesses as we speak. You don't need knowledge of programming languages, to be an SEO guru or a design expert. State-of-the-art back-end technology and programming take care of the difficult parts, to keep it simple and easy for you.

Do I need an existing business or products to sell?  The short answer is NO you do not need any products of your own when you start an international business website. If you have products, we show you how to integrate those into a lucrative niche. You also do not need an existing business; your website will either become your business or help you to establish a real world business.

How will web skills help me?  Every business you work for or own will need a website.  Knowledge of website design, mobile web, and online marketing skills will place you in a different league every time and save you or your company a lot of money. You will know how to give any business great national or international exposure and how to generate income for those businesses.  

Cost of outsourced web design compared to the cost of learning.  One very small website {10 pages} will cost you the same price as a short success driven course. The difference, you can use the course many times over. Taking into account that a 10-page website on the internet is as good as absent on the worldwide web and quality design and optimization for the search engines is always left in question. Your chances, to succeed online, will significantly increase when you know how an online business success model should look. Therefore, the cost of knowledge can never be compared to the cost of outsourced web design.  

Are the courses suitable for Web Designers? Yes, you get the best of both worlds, a top rated content management system (CMS) and all the tools and ability to upload your programming code with the simple click of a button. All other functionality like mail-out manager, form builders, Web 2.0 functionality, keyword and market research tools, mobile friendly templates and more included.  All in one control panel, saving you time. You can focus on what you are good at, design and content, without having to deal with time-consuming technical glitches. We teach you how to take business websites way beyond design and creative costs to offer the type of websites your clients will appreciate. Show your clients easy ways to add content pages, we teach you how and why. Essential up-to-date online business training, that many learning institutions fail to provide, help you to achieve astounding results for your clients.

Can I create a website for others if I do a course?  Yes. We do however recommend that you complete your own website first, achieve a level of success that is noteworthy and continue learning. We offer many workshops, online tutorials and webmasters courses. The friendly staff at Webwise Training Center are ready to help.

What type of website can I create? Business, hobby, educator, career, professional, entertainment or organizational web sites, there is no limit.  You can build an online local business website or international business website about any topic or subject close to your heart - no initial products required.

What will you accomplish?

  • Save costs in the long-term and excel your business growth and website presence in ways you never thought were possible. Talk to us. You'll be glad you did!
  • A proven method and all-inclusive advanced set of easy-to-use tools that have created thousands of top ranking websites and e-businesses for more than 14 years will help your online business reach new heights.
  • Understand the real meaning of online success.  Myths about "fancy" design often cost businesses money instead of making money online for them.
  • Receive guidance from certified educators who are online entrepreneurs themselves, learners create a website for themselves in class. There is no better way to learn.
  • The sky is the limit build your online business presence as powerful as you want with integrated mobile web design templates.
  • Income: Set and meet income goals with unique web income streams that are easy to implement.
  • Insurance: A successful online business keeps up with market trends and competition, an asset of significant value. 
  • Security: Means you run your business from wherever you want, if the majority of your clients find you via the internet you can easily relocate without the fear of losing clients or income.
  • Marketing Strategy: In this day and age, your online strategy is your marketing strategy. You acquire knowledge that matters.
  • Peace of Mind:  With up-to-date technology and design, you will always have a site that function properly with the latest user-friendly design trends (at no additional cost).
  • Extended training:  We offer 1 Day workshops for those who want to take their websites to the next level. Not required to create a powerful website, simply put, different businesses have different needs, instead of wasting your time and money to teach topics that are irrelevant to you, we give you options.

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We offer only the very best short web design, development, internet marketing, social media and computer courses, presented at top International Universities. In fact, we only teach online success.


  • Create your own functional, durable website.
  • Get your message across successfully.
  • Improve your marketing and ROI.
  • Own your website and online presence.
  • Control your web success 100%.
  • Build new pages in minutes.
  • Gain web development confidence.
  • Gain the knowledge to succeed.
  • Get access to a proven process.
  • Rank highly with the search engines.
  • Save costs / long-term expenditures.
  • Use advanced online web design tools.
  • Change your design anytime you choose.
  • Eliminate failure and non-starter trends.
  • Receive thousands of daily visitors.
  • Understand your website stats compared to your competition.
  • Build relationships with your web visitors and stay in touch with them.
  • Build your website while you learn.
  • Add to your site, anytime, anywhere.
  • Generate income from your website in ways you never knew existed, for life.
  • Choose online or in-class web tuition, within hours that suit you.
  • Start your online business website right.
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It is easier than you think to put an in-house website team together.

Cost Effective And Affordable Web Design. With Better Results.

Cost efficient and affordable web design and development solutions are available for the small business and entrepreneur, at a fraction of the cost of outsourced web design, with better results.

If you and your team could learn in just a few hours per weeks how to build your own successful professional website. Get the right knowledge from experts to surpass your competition and have easy access to every web tool you will ever need to build and manage your online business:

Shouldn't you be managing your website?


Please enroll early.  Courses fill up quickly.  Only 8-12 learners per course.  From March onwards most courses are filled by Tertiary Institutions.

Web designers come and go, never fear when yours leave town. Take control of your website and create the success you deserve. Once you know how; you can build an unbeatable website in less than an hour per day with:

  • The most advanced research tools, design tools, templates and complete customization options.  Automated search engine optimization tools and so much more, ready and waiting just for you to say: "Yes, let's do this." 
  • No tech or programming experience; anyone can master this.  A year from now, you will tell us, like many learners do: "I wish I did this sooner". "I run my entire business through the internet." "I have ten-folded my customer base." "My e-business is profiting from hundreds of products I never knew existed, without having to stock those physical products." "I can take my business anywhere with me." These are just some of the comments we hear every day.
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There are no better website building packages available anywhere. At Webwise we will take you by the hand and lead you to online success. Equipped with all the essentials you need to know to build a business website that will make you proud and produce results.

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